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Smart Metering Solutions

Single Phase

  • Single Cloud based Web application and mobile application based monitoring and controlling.
  • Graph generation Historical data log in pdf/xls file generation.
  • Overload notification in mobile application.
  • Easy installation and maintenance User-friendly.
  • Market segment:home, office, hostel,PG, hotels, hospital,BRTS.
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Smart Metering Solutions

Three Phase

  • Real time up to 32 electrical and utility parameters.
  • WiFi/GPRS based communication system.
  • Modbus RTU protocol compatible communication module.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Cloud based Web application for monitoring.
  • Historical data log in pdf/xls file generation.
  • Graph generation Auto emailing of pdf/xls report.
  • Market segment: ceramic , plastic, industries ,hostel, malls, college, town hall, railway station.
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